Seasons Change: Glover-Archbold Community Garden

I have mixed feelings about the Glover-Archbold Community Garden, located a few blocks from my home and half-surrounded by Rock Creek Park.

glover park community gardens

Photo: Lydia Polimeni

In the summer I envy the gardeners, working away under their sunhats with trowel and water hose; there is a years-long wait list to receive one of the coveted plots. But I also take a sensual pleasure in a wander through the maze-like patches, filled with sprouting greens and ripening produce, bright flowers and buzzing bees, and the fragrance of lavender, basil and sage.

Sage in Glover Park Community Gardens

Photo: Lydia Polimeni

I enjoy seeing the dedication and pride with which local residents grow their own food.

In autumn, the browning gardens sadden me as the dying plants whisper of winter to come. This November morning there was still loveliness to be found in the oldest continuously used  District “victory garden.”

Photo: Lydia Polimeni

Photo: Lydia Polimeni

Photo: Lydia Polimeni

New photography blog…

As a new resident of Washington, D.C., a photographer for 10 years and counting, and a lover of photo blogs, I’m excited to present this addition to the blogosphere…

My aim here is for the blog to encompass upcoming exhibits/shows/events in the local photography scene as well as publish remarkable images of D.C. – it IS a most photogenic city. Whether it’s monuments glimmering at night or rowdy protesters, there is endless subject matter. This gives me an opportunity to share my own photography – and get me out there shooting, and hopefully to share photos submitted by readers. I’ll also highlight interesting photos I come upon, vintage and contemporary, of the area. I’d like discussion to be open to any controversy surrounding certain exhibits, reviews and opinions of shows, ideas, photogeekery and more…

So, welcome to the blog  and please enjoy. I’ll leave you with a photo I took when I was working on the National Park Service’s National Capitol Region Annual Report – which seems to fit the theme.

That’s the Jefferson Memorial, btw…