Interactive Photography Magazine: Photographers i

Wow, doesn’t this look like fun! As a photographer and student of interactive media, I thought Photographers i (clever name) was worth a mention. The pilot edition of this interactive magazine is available for 1.99 at the App Store for iPads and other tablets.

There are interviews (with some pretty big names!), audio clips, and big beautiful HD videos that allow one to view a photographer’s process. You can literally “see the story.” And for those who are partial to a more traditional magazine experience, there are still slideshows (swiping a finger…like turning a page!)

It’s a bit funny to me how we still call an app like this a magazine, even though in the traditional sense it’s quite different. It’s more like television, but it’s not that either. I suppose it’s just somewhere in that overarching term of  “interactive media.”

So here’s a video intro to the app for anyone who’s interested:

Let me know if you’ve downloaded Photographers i and if you’d recommend it!

The Old is New Again (and vice versa…)

Behold this atmospheric and painterly photo of the National Gallery of Art’s Sculpture Garden Ice Rink. Taken by my good friend, photographer and fellow Shepherd University graduate, Martin Cherry, with none other than his iPhone.

Thank you for sharing, Marty!

The picture was taken using the Instagram app. I’ve seen stacks of these photographs popping up on Facebook, random photos of lunches and flowers and curtains and pets, all with a nostalgic, vintage feel and arty square format. While fun to look at, I’ve noticed a nagging feeling of annoyance when viewing Instagram images. Is it that I know that the app does the majority of the work, instantly transforming snapshots into retro style images through the use of various filters?That these old-timey photos are actually the work of a  quite high-tech gadget? That the app probably has the ability to make an otherwise uninteresting photo artistic and cool?

photo taken from the Instagram blog

I find it fascinating that with the current availability of relatively cheap digital SLRs (and even high quality point-and-shoots), we are so charmed by the ability to instantly create digital images that look as if they’ve been yellowing in a box since 1972. I suspect it’s just one form of the back to the earth pull for authenticity so many are feeling. Instagram images remind us of the deep color and tangibility of film.

Another photo from the Instagram blog

Anyway, who am I fooling. I’m sure to download this app as soon as I get an iPhone. has a current poll up showing that out of over 36,000 users, 91% LOVE Instagram. One aspect contributing to popularity is the ease of sharing with other friends who have the app. And that is one of the great joys of photography, capturing and sharing our particular vision of the world around us.

Do you use Instagram? Even if you don’t,  please, let us know your thoughts on the app in the comments.

Capital Bikeshare in Bygone Days?

From time to time I’d like to share historic photos of the DC area. I adore examining old photographs, literally windows into another time. This one shows members of the Capital Bicycle Club in the late 1880s, and is taken from the book “Historic Photos of Washington, D.C.” by Matthew Gilmore and Andrew Brodie Smith.

(Click photo to Enlarge)


Big Cats: Vanishing Icons @ National Geographic

Big cats + world class photographers; personally, I’m not sure what could be better. Besides maybe romping with a lion cub…. hmmm I don’t think the National Zoo allows that.

photo by Beverly Joubert

If you’re a Geographic subscriber, you’ll remember the recent issue which focused on the plight of the world’s big cats who are almost all endangered. Now you can see beautiful photos of eight of these endangered species (lions, tigers, cheetahs, leopards, jaguars, snow jaguars, snow leopards, clouded leopards, and mountain lions) at National Geographic Headquarters which we are lucky enough to have right here in DC. Specifically, 1145 17st st NW. The show is free and up through April 8.

National Geographic Headquarters

While you’re there you might also look into any upcoming seminars by Natl Geo. photographers. When I was a photo student I took a few of these in, including a talk by Steve McCurry, who took the famous “Afghan girl” photo. They’re usually not free but they are worth paying for…

The Geographic is an institution that understands the power of photography. I hope the article and exhibit on the big cats brings awareness and motivation to help save these creatures, who are vital to the survival of their ecosystems and all around amazing creatures to share this planet with.

Annie Leibovitz: Pilgrimage

Yay, a new Annie Leibovitz show in DC! Her exhibit “Pilgrimage” has gone on display at the Smithsonian American Art Museum and will be up through May 20.

Most people have seen a Leibovitz photograph whether they realize it or not – she’s most well known for her  highly produced, powerful portraits of movie stars, musicians and politicians. This new body of work diverges in that it there are no people present in the photos, yet she still seems to be making portraits. Among the images are photographs of the gloves of Abraham Lincoln, Ansel Adams’ darkroom and Elvis Presley’s motorcycle.

A target used by sharpshooter Annie Oakley, photographed by Annie Leibovitz

Hope to make this one, Leibovitz is a favorite of mine.  If anyone has seen the show, please leave your thoughts in the comments!


2012 DCist Exposed Photography Contest announces winners…

Popular blog DCist hosts a yearly photography contest for locals to submit their best photos of the area. This past week they announced the 2012 winners, all of whom will have their framed work up at the Long View Gallery from March 21 through April 1. I chose three of the winning images to link to here (sorry it’s not more visually stimulating.) Each of these photos brings a new perspective to landmarks that have been photographed probably millions of times (well, maybe excepting the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial which was dedicated only last October). Always inspiring.

Summer Storm, Kennedy Center

Stairway to Lincoln

MLK in 150 Seconds

And I just love the attitude in this one: H Street Fashion Show

Full list of winners and more information is here.

New photography blog…

As a new resident of Washington, D.C., a photographer for 10 years and counting, and a lover of photo blogs, I’m excited to present this addition to the blogosphere…

My aim here is for the blog to encompass upcoming exhibits/shows/events in the local photography scene as well as publish remarkable images of D.C. – it IS a most photogenic city. Whether it’s monuments glimmering at night or rowdy protesters, there is endless subject matter. This gives me an opportunity to share my own photography – and get me out there shooting, and hopefully to share photos submitted by readers. I’ll also highlight interesting photos I come upon, vintage and contemporary, of the area. I’d like discussion to be open to any controversy surrounding certain exhibits, reviews and opinions of shows, ideas, photogeekery and more…

So, welcome to the blog  and please enjoy. I’ll leave you with a photo I took when I was working on the National Park Service’s National Capitol Region Annual Report – which seems to fit the theme.

That’s the Jefferson Memorial, btw…